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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

Apr 22, 2024

This week, I’m thrilled to share the client success story of Agne Jasiukeviciute out of the Netherlands.


As a long-tern dieter who has chased the 'perfect' body for many years, Agne shares how she's been able to finally embrace a more balanced approach to weight loss success without counting calories or eliminating processed foods.


Despite a long-term dieting history, Agne was ready to try something different. As an educated woman who knows how to lose weight, that didn't stop her from calorie counting and waking up every morning feeling like a failure who couldn't do something as simple as eat less food. 


So what changed? Agne shares:


  • The biggest mistakes she didn't even know she was making as a dieter (HINT: you're probably overeating to these thoughts too)
  • How being a lifetime dieter was a barrier to lifelong weight loss (and what she's been doing to drop those unwanted pounds)
  • Agne shares her biggest challenges before and during the program and how the customized guidance and support was exactly what she needed (when historically she would have stuck to  weighing her food and tracking macros while increasing exercise)
  • How identifying herself as a perfectionist has helped her recognize the need to conquer the true reason that she overate (seeking comfort when she didn't feel good enough)
  • Agne's #1 piece of advice for anyone who is skeptical about Unstuffed (and what she wish she would have known when she got started)


I LOVED this interview with Agne. Despite the discomfort of showing up to the coaching calls and talking about all of these weird, icky feelings, Agne has always done the hard thing.


Client stories are so special. I appreciate Agne for sharing what's possible when you have the courage to try something different. Not to mention, Agne has a great sense of humor and demonstrated the magic of what can happen when you're dedicated to showing up to coaching calls consitently.


And despite not needing to attend EVERY call to be succesful, Agne defintely knows what it takes to get results, even when you're imperfect.


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