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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

May 7, 2024

Your relationship with exercise (or as I like to call it, movement), is just like your relationships with food... difficult and confusing to navigate.


You may be thinking, “Why? I love exercising! It makes me feel incredible. It's my stress reliever!" And that may be true, it can be super rewarding and enjoyable. It can make us feel strong, empowered, confident and appreciative of our bodies.


So, when and where does it begin to make an unhealthy turn?


Because diet culture is often about promoting extremes, movement has been twisted into something we’re “supposed” to do.


For instance, we’re “supposed” to burn calories, manipulate how our bodies look, and punish ourselves for eating. Obviously when we view exercise through this lens, it removes the enjoyment and replaces it with numbers and a pursuit of external validation.


Join me on today's episode while I explain the 7 signs of having an unhealthy relationship with exercise. If you have any of these mental frameworks, you may be at risk of overexercising and slowing down your weight loss results.

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