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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

Jun 11, 2024

In this week's episode of the Outsmart Overeating Podcast, I respond to a client's email who is beginning to recognize that she had inherited outdated, unhelpful beliefs that caused her to self-sabotage.


Due to her family history, she internalized a negative narrative about the women in her family being doomed to be fat, especially after having children and ageing. This belief was so deeply rooted in her subconscious that she didn't even realize how it was influencing the way she was interacting with food today.


Upon closer inspection and with the help of the Unstuffed program, she has recognized how these self-limiting beliefs and lifelong habits that have gone unchecked aren't actually written in stone. In fact, quite the opposite.


With intentional effort and a clear plan of action, not-only can they be changed, but they can change your life in a dramatic way... without eliminating your favorite foods or doing mind-numbing cardio.


To hear her story and to learn how she's adopting the thoughts and eating habits of a 'naturally thin' person that has contributed to a signifcant weight loss in the past 6 weeks, check out today's full episode.


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