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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

Dec 12, 2022

Along the road of getting anywhere that we want to go, those fun and silly things we call "emotions" will jump into the street out of nowhere. One of the most notorious offenders (imagine it standing in front of a lineup holding some prison numbers if that makes your mind giggle) is guilt, and it can cause a wreck before you make any significant progress.


Join Steph Miramontes and I as we talk about guilt, the role it plays in a typical dieter's fat loss journey, and how to manage it successfully.


Topics discussed: 


  • Why guilt is a useless emotion.
  • The ways that guilt manifests itself in terms of your actions. 
  • The permission you need to move beyond guilt.
  • Tools to propel your progress forward WITHOUT the shackles of guilt.

How do you handle guilt?  Would these tools work for you?  Let us know!


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