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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

Jun 25, 2024



It’s finally here. The moment we’ve all been waiting for…


Okay, maybe it’s not the moment YOU’VE been waiting for, but it’s definitely the moment I’ve been waiting for!


Today, I’m making good on a promise. 


I invited three former clients to share their experience on Ozempic (or similar GLP-1 weight loss medications) and the conversation gets juicy! 


  • What are their side effects?
  • Do they have Ozempic face?
  • How much weight have they lost?
  • How have their lives changed?
  • What's their long-term plan?
  • How has it affected their body image?
  • What do they feel is misunderstood about weight loss drugs?


Past clients Melissa, Macarena, and Sherri all join me on today's episode of the Outsmart Overeating Podcast to reveal the truth about what it's like to be on weight loss medication -- the good, the bad, and the ugly.


If you're considering peptides, you don’t want to miss this fascinating episode.


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