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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

Sep 25, 2023

There are 100 days left in the year. Many of us made personal goals on January 1st. How are those coming along?


If you haven’t made much progress — or even started — it’s not too late. You can completely change your life in 100 days if you decide to.


Implementing small behavioral shifts can become a habit with a lifelong ripple effect.


In 100 days, you can:


100 days of walking one mile

100 days of saving $5

100 days of practicing Spanish

100 days learning how to cook

100 days learning how to play the piano


What’s something you wanted to achieve at the beginning of the year and haven’t yet completed? Will you accept our challenge?


Join Coach Steph Miramontes and I as we discuss the 3 steps on how to set and actually achieve your goal on this week’s episode.


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