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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

If you're avoiding the work that goes into improving your body image, because you think it will take care of itself once the weight is gone, think again. 


Body image is an inside job, and external work isn't the answer. 


Join me, and Steph Miramontes of Soul Centered Fitness as we break down all the nuances that make this work some of the most valuable you'll ever do.


In this podcast we talk about what body image is, and why we are so focused on our bodies as a society. 


You'll learn - 


  • How to like your body more without losing a single pound. 
  • How society and media paint an unrealistic ideal, and how to avoid comparison. 
  • How to get less triggered when seeing photos of yourself that you don't like. 
  • Where our kids are picking this up, and what we need to do to help them avoid common body image traps.
  • Why diversity is great, and why we should be celebrating our differences.
  • What role cosmetic surgery has played in shaping our opinions of ourselves. 
  • How to stop avoiding this work, and what it really means for your results long term (hint, it won't slow you down). 
  • How to go from self-loathing to body neutral, as a bridge to a positive body image.



If you've tied your sense of worth to how you look to the outside world, now is the time to start getting uncomfortable, and do the work to change how you feel about yourself and your body. 



You can connect with Steph on Instagram and on her Podcast MindBody Alchemy.