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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

We've all heard the comments from our family, friends, and co-workers:

”Just have a bite! It won’t kill you!”

”What’s one meal? Treat yourself!”

”It’s Friday, live a little!”

We've all heard comments like these a thousand times over the years. People commenting on how you need to try a few bites...

Aug 24, 2020

When it comes to losing weight, there's no way around it: we HAVE to eat food. The problem many dieters run into is that they're torn between two extremes:

Restrictors: These people diet like it's their full-time job
Permitters: These are the YOLO! dieters

Join Rog Law and I today as we explore the world of dieting,...

Aug 17, 2020

We silly earthlings tend to be final-hour creatures: we tend to wait until we hit rock bottom to initiate a change for the better, all while at the same time wanting the results to appear over night. While this might work flawlessly in the movies, real life operates by a different set of rules.

Join Rog Law and I as we...

Aug 10, 2020

Hunger gets treated like the [insert hair color here] headed stepchild of the transformation: preferably never seen or heard from. This is unfortunate, because hunger is actually the unsung hero when it comes to not only reaching your goals, but maintaining them for life.

Join Rog Law and me as we dive into the...

Aug 3, 2020

With the recent influx of parents contacting me regarding children's eating habits and body image issues, this week I invited Steph Miramontes from Soul Centered Fitness to return to the podcast to discuss the two burning questions on every parents mind:

What can I do to ensure my kids grow up with a...