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Outsmart Overeating Podcast

Mar 19, 2024

Once you’ve come to grips with the concept that all overeating is rooted in having an emotional experience, you'll need to learn how to work through them in a healthy way that doesn’t involve stuffing them down with food.

In two decades of coaching, I’ve never had a client tell me they’re comfortable sitting with their emotions when they surface — their coping mechanism is almost always a distraction; a way to numb or mentally check out through exercise, watching TV, eating, etc.

Because they are unfamiliar with the way the body communicates its needs through emotions, they can feel scary, but they’re not. It’s the fear of the unknown that makes them uncomfortable.

When we learn to invite emotions into our lives without judgment, we also learn how to make ourselves feel safe and secure.

Emotions are our friends. They aren’t always accurate truth tellers, and often don’t match the situation that made us feel the way we feel.

This is why observing them without attaching a story or narrative is a life-changing exercise.

Check out this week’s episode to learn the steps necessary to help you stop eating your feelings today.


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